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Return On Investment Compared to Print Advertising Return On Investment

With DentistryRegister enhanced listings you can receive 400 to 1500 well converting website clicks annually, unlimited phone and RFQ form leads and a 24x7 well cross-listed branded presence for a bargain annual flat fee. The big name directories such as Business.com® and ThomasRegister® are too generic and/or high priced and simply cannot match our value when comparing targeted cost per action because of our niche focus and low operation overheads.

Expensive & traditional advertising in trade publications is severely down. Industrial trade show attendance is dwindling. Cumbersome printed yellow pages and 411 listings targeting local markets are things of the past. The best ROI for your marketing dollar is a listing in DentistryRegister. You can track the leads through the impressions and click through statistics we provide for your listing and through signed e-mails you will receive when our online RFQ forms are submitted by buyers.

Site Statistics - Pageviews and Visitors Site Statistics - Pageviews and Visitors

Monthly Statistics: With ~1,000 Unique visitors per day & ~250,000 pageviews per month, the proof is in the pudding. Even as a focused vortal which lists 3,000 vendors catering only to dental industries, targeting 7,500 search optimized keywords, we still attract a substantial buyer audience with ~15,000 unique visitors a month.

Analysis of our website logs indicates that we are bookmarked by hundreds of purchasers everyday. More about our statistics...

Search Engine Marketing - Google, Bing, Yahoo B2B Industrial Search Engine Marketing

Organic Search Engine Optimization: We receive ~1,000 referrals a day and appear in the top 2 pages for organic search engine queries of ~6,000 industry specific keywords! Further, the well reviewed and in-theme link we provide raises the natural ranking of your own website in external search engines.

Our guess is you found us by typing an industry keyword in a search engine? In exactly the same way, 9 out of 10 industrial buyers are embracing the Internet via search engines such as Google, Yahoo & BING. Search Engines in turn display pages from authoritative and good quality industry specific directories such as DentistryRegister in the top ranks. Users visit, bookmark & repeatedly source from our 24x7x365 online up to date content. Our live search engine referral feed is honest & dramatic proof of this concept.

It is not by coincidence that we have dramatic prominence and high rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Search engines reward our ability to expose useful content through clean search engine optimization techniques. More about our Search Engine Optimization...

Customer Testimonials and Renewal Customer Testimonials and Renewal

Last but not the least, satisfied customers renew year after year! We derive sincere pleasure when we see that 80% of our satisfied customers renew annually, since they see direct proof: More traffic to their website, More enquiries in their inbox and More calls from buyers. Here are some testimonials in their own words.

As an efficient start-up we pride ourselves in providing an excellent and superior service to our customers at bargain rates compared to the competition, making the renewal choice the easiest marketing decision that our customers make!

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Did you know? ~80% of the 7,500 products categorized in DentistryRegister appear in the top 20 ranks of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and more!

~15,000 potential buyers visit DentistryRegister.com every month, with ~1,000 referrals every day just from search engines!

Please Note: All submissions are reviewed by our dental expert for accuracy and relevance. We list only dental industry specific companies and we retain the right to edit or delete listings.
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